HatchKit 4 Editions

HatchKit 4 Editions target differing platforms to create accurate, lightweight patterns suitable for your particular CAD system or for the growing range of CAD systems that HatchKit currently supports.

All bundled with HatchKit 4 Fill Manager for RevitĀ® 2016-2022.

Compare HatchKit 4 Editions:

Feature Standard Professional Team
Activation Type fixed Host ID floating Host ID within named group
Activations per licence 2 2 1 group
Remote Desktop Connection
OS-X Fusion, Parallels
WIndows Workgroup
Windows Domain
Windows VMs
Windows Server

HatchKit 4 Standard Edition

For Windows Workgoup. Each license allows two installations to different physical computers. You can reinstall Standard Edition to a computer previously installed to if the computer carries the same Windows Workgroup Host ID as previously assigned.

Installation and activation requires Web access.

HatchKit 4 Professional Edition

Provides portable activations. Each license may be activated concurrently on two physical Windows machines. Activations may be moved once a day between physical machines.

Installation and activation requires Web access as does activation transferral.

HatchKit 4 Team Edition

For concurrent operation on all machines within a nominated subdomain or Windows Workgroup.

Initial installation requires Web access. Further deployment does not.

Upgrade offer!!!

Discounted upgrades of previously purchased HatchKit licenses to HatchKit 4.