HatchKit 4 Editions

HatchKit 4 creates, edits and translates fill patterns for a wide range of CAD systems.
All editions contain HatchKit 4 Fill Manager for RevitĀ® 2016-2024.

Compare HatchKit 4 Editions:

Feature Standard Professional Team
Activation Type fixed Host ID floating Host ID within named group
Activations per licence 2 2 1 group
Remote Desktop Connection
OS-X Fusion, Parallels
WIndows Workgroup
Windows Domain
Windows VMs
Windows Server
Silent install option

HatchKit 4 Standard Edition

For Windows Workgoup. Each license allows two installations to different physical computers. You can reinstall Standard Edition to a computer previously installed to if the computer carries the same Windows Workgroup Host ID as previously assigned.

Installation and activation requires Web access.

HatchKit 4 Professional Edition

Provides portable activations. Each license may be activated concurrently on two physical Windows machines. Activations may be moved once a day between physical machines.

Installation and activation requires Web access as does activation transferral.

HatchKit 4 Team Edition

For concurrent operation on all machines within a nominated subdomain or Windows Workgroup.

Initial installation requires Web access. Further deployment does not.

Upgrade offer!!!

Discounted upgrades of previously purchased HatchKit licenses to HatchKit 4.