HatchKit Versions

HatchKit is offered in different versions to suit differing needs. All HatchKit versions create accurate, lightweight patterns suitable for your particular CAD system or for the growing range of CAD systems that HatchKit currently supports.

Current release is HatchKit Version 3.1.10 with HatchKit Add-In for Revit 2.1.1

FREE update for HatchKits > v2.7
Discounted upgrade for HatchKits <= v2.7

HatchKit for individual CAD systems (fixed installations)

Each allows three installations to different computers, possibly to your office system and to your laptop with one kept as a spare. You can reinstall to a computer previously installed to if the computer is not substantially altered. Web access is required for installation.
HatchKit for individual CAD systems

HatchKit for all CAD systems (portable and server licenses)

Purchase as many portable licenses as you need to run concurrently. After one day, a license may be moved between machines by uninstalling then reinstalling.
Alternatively, consider our Windows Server version.

Web access is required for installation and uninstallation.
HatchKit for all CAD systems

Upgrade offer!!!

If you previously purchased an earlier version of HatchKit, you may be eligible to upgrade that license to HatchKit Professional at a substantial discount.